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My Pain Cream MD is not a newcomer to the prescription pain cream market. With affiliated pharmacies that have two decades experience in helping patients and providers with custom compounding for topical pain creams, the company continually strives to make life easier with getting the product into the patient’s hands. Rest assured you will be working with one of the best compounding pharmacies in the Topical pain relief prescriptionscountry with a stellar reputation.

My Pain Cream MD works with physicians all over the United States and provides free shipping for every prescription. Your patients will each have a specific patient adviser and access to  licensed pharmacists, which will provide an excellent resource for your practice as well. Think of them as an extension of your practice’s patient support – you can offload all of your prescription questions from patients!

There will be no lines for your patients to stand in at the pharmacy and My Pain Cream MD takes care of all the leg work with the insurance company as well.

The benefits of prescription pain relief creams for your patients are numerous. There are no drug interaction risks and no potential for addiction. Pain creams work directly at the affected area, with minimal if any bloodstream absorption. Therefore, side effects are almost nonexistent. In fact, prescribing prescription pain creams for your patients can reduce the need for controlled substances at the same time! This can reduce your legal exposure with oral narcotic prescribing, while providing pain relief at the same time. A recent study showed over 83% of patients experienced excellent pain relief with prescription pain creams.

After 20 years of working with providers and patients nationwide, My Pain Cream MD has customer satisfaction down to a science. The whole process has been streamlined from provider prescription pads to patient advisers, licensed pharmacists and quality control from beginning to end.

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Topical Pain Prescription

Why You Should Use My Pain Cream MD in Your Practice

Most healthcare providers want to provide pain relief for their patients. However, describing narcotic medications can be a tricky business these days, with potential patient addiction and overdose issues along with stringent DEA regulations.Custom Compounding Pharmacy

As a result, most providers are extremely wary about increasing doses of oral opiates, and are continuously looking for methods that do not have these complications, yet may offer relief potential.

This is where prescription pain creams shine the most. All the ingredients are FDA approved, and there is very little if any absorption into the bloodstream. The topical pain creams are applied by patients directly over the area of discomfort, and a recent study showed that 83% of those using the creams are extremely satisfied with their effectiveness.

With essentially there being no downside to their usage, it makes sense to incorporate this pain relieving method into the regimen for pain relief. If patients have prescription benefits on their insurance, the medications are covered. In addition, My Pain Cream MD will custom compound the medication and ship it at no charge directly to the patient’s residence.

For providers with a higher volume of patients and the desire, My Pain Cream MD can also work under Safe Harbor laws to offer physician involvement. These are discussed on a case-by-case basis. With a minimal risk, excellent effectiveness and potential for decreasing the need for pain medications by mouth, prescription pain creams are an excellent addition to pain relief methods available.

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For  years, My Pain Cream MD has been working with affiliated pharmacies who offer custom compounding pharmacy pain and scar cream services. The prescription pain and scar creams are second to none with the purity of ingredients, and the customer service for both patients and providers is unparalleled.Best Compounding Pharmacy

My Pain Cream MD can help take care of your custom compounding needs for prescription pain and scar creams from beginning to end. The company provides prescription pads that can be customized to your needs. Once a prescription has been completed, My Pain Cream MD will complete all the leg work from that point. This includes specific patient advocates, licensed pharmacists to answer patient questions, free shipping and complimentary gifts for nationwide retail establishments with each order.

Along with the pain relief that patients experience from the prescription pain creams, the service experience will reflect highly on your practice. You will be working with a compounding pharmacy that puts service above everything else, and has perfected the system for making both you and your patients extremely satisfied.

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