Topical Prescription Pain Medications for Cervical and Lumbar Radiculopathy


Radiculopathy is a disorder that affects the functioning of the nerves. The nerves tend to lose their proper functioning. The consequences of the condition are weakness, hypoesthesia, and lack of muscular control. The base of the problem lies at the root of the nerve, and is directly related to the spine which results in pain in the governing region of the nerves.Prescription Pain Cream for Sciatica

A recent study found the incidence of radiculopathy to be quite high. The average annual age-adjusted incidence rates per 100,000 population for cervical radiculopathy was found to be 83 for the total. As expected, it was more common in men, with a rate of 107 for males and 63.5 for females. Also, the age-specific annual incidence rate per 100,000 population reached a peak of 203 for the age group 50 to 54 years.

What is Cervical and Lumber Radiculopathy?

When the nerve roots pertaining to the cervical vertebrae are compressed, it is known as cervical radiculopathy. Cervical radiculopathy occurs in a portion of the neck. When the nerve roots that are affected relate to the lower back, it is known as lumber radiculopathy. The damaged nerve roots cause pain and numbness in the affected parts and where the roots are situated.

The nerve roots have their own distinctive track into the individual vertebrae of the spinal cord and have their own specialized functions. When the nerve function is disturbed, it needs to be traced to the specific vertebrae it relates to and this determines the type of radiculopathy that is incurred. Cervical and lumber radiculopathy relates to the functioning of the limbs. The cervical area involves the neck and arms, whereas the lumber area involves lower back and legs.

Treatment for Cervical and Lumbar Radiculopathy

A combination of pain medications can be given to provide pain relief for cervical and lumbar radiculopathy along with physical therapy. The medication will work by relieving the pain as pain relief is the starting point towards the treatment. As nerves are involved, it may be difficult to directly ascertain the cause. Therefore, reducing the pain will help detect the underlying symptoms. It will make the person in a better state to be ready for physical therapy and further diagnosis.

Topical medications produce impressive results in this area. They are typically used to reduce the feeling of pain and a combination of them can be used. Coming in the form of anesthetics and analgesics, topical medications provide instant relief and that too, without getting high dosages of strong medicines into the body. Topical agents need direct application onto the skin, upon the area affected and it will work wonders. When a quicker pain relief is entailed, and with the incurrence of lower side effects, the direction of the treatment can easily be determined. The instant pain relief found with topical agents will help the orthopedic specialist decide if a surgery is required or not.

Why Compounded Pain Cream Medications are Best

Compounding is a pharmaceutical method of combining an ageless art the latest clinical knowledge and technology, which allows specially qualified professionals to mix and prepare topical treatments. Compounding is a standard means of giving patients professional pharmaceutical medicines that are unique to the individual’s needs.

The demand for pharmaceutical compounding has increased as doctors and providers have found that there are a number of forms, strengths, and types of medications that can work together to provide relief for cervical and lumbar radiculopathy pain.

Pain Cream for SciaticaCommonly Compounded Medications for Pain
•    Lidocaine 1-10%
•    Ketamine 5-10%
•    Imipramine 2-10%
•    Gabapentin 5-10%
•    Baclofen 2%
•    Amitriptyline 2-10%
•    Ketoprofen 10%
•    Cyclobenzaprine 2%
•    Nifedipine 2-16%
•    Clonidine 0.2%
•    Diclofenac 2-10%

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