Top 10 Benefits of Prescription Pain Relief Cream 

1. Delivers pain relief directly to the area of discomfortPrescription Pain Relief Cream

2. Minimal absorption into bloodstream

3. Decreases inflammation, reduces swelling

4. Minimal side effects

5. Reduced organ toxicity

6. Non-addictive

7. Non-sedatingPain relief cream prescription

8. Odor Free

9. No drug interaction risk

10. Does not alter decision making capacity


And the Top 10 Benefits of Obtaining Your Prescription Pain Relief Cream from My Pain Cream MD

1. No standing in line at the Pharmacy

2. My Pain Cream MD does ALL the legwork!Topical Prescription Pain Cream

3. No paperwork necessary

4. Free Shipping

5. Access to a Licensed Pharmacist

6. Brand Name or Generic Medications

7. Dispensed in 30 or 90 Day Shipments

8. Your Own Personal Patient Advocate to Handle ALL Orders.

9. Amazingly effective for all conditions – over 80%!

10. Years of experience with a company you can TRUST!



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