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Benefits for Patients

Prescription pain and scar creams are able to effectively reduce inflammation, swelling and pain in localized areas without the typical side effects of oral pain medications.

Benefits with topical prescription creams include direct relief and scar removal with minimal absorption into the blood stream. The prescription pain and scar creams are non-addictive, odor free and do not produce any drug interactions.

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Benefits for Health Care Professionals

Prescription pain creams offer a non-addictive alternative for patients with minimal side effects as opposed to those seen with oral pain medications. Odor free, non-sedating and over 80% of patients report relief!

My Pain Cream MD offers compounding prescription pain creams with FDA approved ingredients for applications in pain management, podiatry, sports medicine, neuropathy and wound care.

My Pain Cream MD offers safe and effective compounding pain and scar medications.

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